55 Book Ideas to Spark Creativity for Your Next Project

55 Book Ideas to Spark Creativity for Your Next Project

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There are so many story ideas to write about, and counting. It is okay if you feel stuck with your book idea. We are here to tell you that there are so many genres and topics to write about that you will certainly find one that sparks your mind. Book ideas are not limited in any way; it may feel like that, but they aren’t. You may be afraid of bringing up book ideas since you are churning out page after page and do not see the end result finished. Many professional authors hire ghostwriters to help them achieve their goals in story writing.

Passion and familiarity with the genre you are interested in can make it easier for you to write, sell, and promote your book. There are so many more book ideas to write about apart from nonfiction and fiction. Here, we have gathered the best story ideas trending well in the industry. Whichever book idea resonates with you, it is time for you to get started on that idea and jot it all down!

Here is a list of the top 55 book ideas, which also include story titles, genres, prompts, and short descriptions to get you started on your next book.

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55 Creative Book Ideas and Tips

1. Look Around You

Remember to underestimate the power of observation. This is one of those actions that helps you become the explorer of your world and the people in it. Be curious, ask questions, take notes. Take this a step further and be bold: Travel paths you have never crossed and gain new experiences. Observations spark creativity and a Caruso mindset. With such a mindset, you can come up with imaginative situations and jot those down, later including them in your novel. This can help you add the best content to your book ideas.

2. Family History

Everyone has a special kind of family history. Look for someone who has one worth being told. Probably your Aunt or Grandmother? How did it all begin? How did they meet? What were the complications? Did anyone ever witness war? How did they move past the trauma? How did they survive? Family history books are a great way to tell your story, or if you want to tell your family history without being recognized, you can use other names. Lastly, dedicate this book to the individual who helped you with it.

3. Hometown History

Here is a book idea that people in your hometown, or those interested in discovering more about that hometown, would adore. What are the stories of how your hometown existed? Highlight the famous people who worked towards making that hometown a reality and how they put it on the map. Who lived here before? You can also include fun “did you know” about the famous landmarks and add insider tips about the best places to visit about that place. You can add pictures and recommendations. Patriotic locals would love to own a book completely dedicated to their hometown.

4. Write about a Meaningful Cause

Have you participated in anything for a cause? Sya, did you do some volunteer work and help clear a beach or a river? Or are you interested in a specific organization and want to support it by writing about it, the projects it worked on, and how it has progressed and achieved fixes for social/environmental or other issues? How did they make a difference? How did you make a difference? This is one of those book ideas that can help you support your favorite organization and spread the word about them.

5. Special Events

Are you someone who likes to travel and participate in special events? If there is no confidential form, you have to sign a promise not to write about that. Even then, what’s stopping you? If you have a set of lists and a sharp memory of them, you can write about them, too. Special events do not only mean fancy ones. They can be events for a cause, rallies, tournaments, festivals, and concerts. In this, you can give your reader your point of view on how they were and why they were special to you or in general.

6. Travel Stories

This is another book idea for extreme travelers or adventurers to write about. Have you heard of Bear Grylls? He is a famous British Trooper and the author of Mud, Sweat, and Tears. Apart from writing about travel stories and his adventures, he also describes how he survived certain situations. If you have a similar hobby, and this book idea didn’t cross your mind, it is time for you to start gathering up all the travels and adventures you have been on.

7. Personal History

You never know who could be inspired by your personal history. This is a sensitive and personal story where you reflect back and learn about all the highs and lows in your life, the people who came and went from your life, how they impacted you, and whether they were positive or negative. This can be a long story so that you might need help. We recommend Book Creating, where you can hire professional ghostwriters to help write and compile your book. We stay connected with our clients throughout their book creation and further help with ways to make the story sound more true to your nature.

8. Ask Yourself Questions

Questions should be considered. Your every day is a goldmine of material for your creative work. By asking yourself questions, you can discover what ideas for books resonate with you and determine your strengths and weaknesses. You can discover what topics you are naturally curious about, and you can also identify potential gaps in the book industry. Questions can help you understand your take on the “what if” scenarios that will spark your imagination.

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9. What Challenges Are You Facing?

This is one of those book ideas to write where you want to share your story of struggles that the average person feels. Popular books like this include I Talk Like a River by Jordan Scott. What obstacles do you feel that you are facing? They can be professional or personal, or you can bring a unique creative twist to them on how you approach these challenges. You must have a strong marketing strategy for these kinds of book ideas to promote them to the right audience. Once that happens, you will see people who want to learn more about your struggles or overcome similar challenges you have faced.

10. Day-to-Day Life

Is there anything you want to share with your readers about what is going on in your daily life? Do you have any fixed weekly routine to share that can inspire others? We advise you to pay attention to these things. At times, the most universal meanings are actually personal and particular. Try to write about your day-to-day life with a bit of humor. That way, things can be light-hearted.

12. What are you Currently Learning?

Share whatever you are working on and how you are learning it. The topics are endless, from health, practices, relationships, competitions, weight loss, and anything else you like. This can be seen as a challenge for you, and you can add this story idea in parts.

13. Learn a New Language in X days

If you are fluent in several languages, teach people interested in doing so! This is one of those story ideas where you can provide your readers with tips and tricks about learning a new language and share your personal experiences during that time. You can help motivate interested individuals.

14. Business and Entrepreneurship

This is one of those book ideas to write when you have a wealth of information to share with a wide audience. You should also know that this topic is in high demand, considering the growth of the economy and so on. You can actually help people learn valuable tips on how to survive in the current economy and, if they are in top positions, how they can help start-ups.

 15. Educational Photo Book

What better way to write an educational book than to add fun and interesting pictures? You can write such a book for kids and adults as well. You can pair your most impressive photographs on anything, a rock, flower, bird, or kind of insect, and do ample research about it while adding little stories about its importance in the ecosystem and how it evolved, etc.

16. Letter Books

This might sound confusing, but these kinds of book ideas are popular. Books such as Letters to a Young Poet by Rainer Maria Rilke, Charlie Louth, et al. Here is a tip: your letters do not necessarily have to be typical. They can be more humorous and life-like if that is how you want to write it. You can even write tragic, comedic letters. They can be completely made up, or you can compile the innermost, most funny email letters into one book, giving the owners credit!

17. Coming of Age

This can be completely functional if you want it to be, or if you feel that your life has such a concept included in it, then feel free to share it! Coming of Age is one of those novel ideas that include self-discovery, where everyone goes through a period of questioning about their lives, values, importance, and place in the world they now have to adapt to. You can also write about first love, loss, and friendships. This can be a realistic or a fictional story; the choice is yours, and the creative ideas are endless,

18. List Book

Here is an interesting book idea for you to write about. A list book can be about a list of anything, really. You can write a gratitude list or a list for local restaurants and add reviews. You can write a list of places to visit or songs to listen to for specific occasions. You may think a list book is irrelevant, but you can take a creative twist on this kind of book idea and write about a list of challenges you can face. You can also write checklists tailored to specific interests.

19. Interview Book

Your interview book can be about how to take an interview or prepare for an interview. You can also compile some of the best interviews people have given to inspire individuals. You can organize this into particular themes. You do not have to stick to one kind of theme. Interview books can also be about tips and tricks that help people conduct better interviews.

20. Family Dynamics and Conflict

Relationships with parents or your family can have their ups and downs. You can also include extended family in this because if you live in one, then you would know. If you are a professional in this field of tackling family conflicts or have learned ways that helped you move ahead in your life, why not share these secrets with others struggling with their family dynamics?

21. Publish Love Letters

We understand that not all love letters should be published. But if you and your beloved have agreed to this book idea, why not try? Of course, you can omit our things that are way too personal but try to keep them as real as possible. People may have a good laugh and learn a couple of things, too. You can also get creative and develop your contacts of fun love letters that can be entirely made up but can be an interesting read.

22. Turning Journal Entries into a Novel

Have you heard of the famous journal novel, The Diary of a Young Girl Anne Frank? That, in fact, is still one of the best journey novels to date. A raw version of your journal, or if you know someone who owns an old journal entry, go through it, see how it is, and get it ready for publication.

23. Create a Book of Postcards

Postcards may seem outdated, and yes, they may be, but that does not mean that some people will not be interested in reading about them. You can begin by explaining how they originated and when the pictures came into place. You can add pictures of your favorite postcards and exclusive ones.

24. Print a series of Blog Posts

If you’ve been consistently writing daily or weekly articles, you’re making great progress! Identify common themes or topics in your posts, organize them into chapters or sections, and elevate your stories by getting them published in print.

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25. Books About Revenge and Justice

Book ideas that include themes of revenge and justice are attention-grabbing and certainly keep the readers on the edge of their chairs. You can create string characters in your novel where one teaches the other about something significant.

26. Write a CookBook

When it comes to CookBooks, the first one I think about is Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking. A movie was made based on this novel and its origins. Cookbooks do not only have to be about recipes. You can spice them up and tell your readers what inspired you to create this recipe. Was it an accident? Or were you experimenting in the kitchen? Tell your readers how many times you failed to give them a hearty laugh.

27. Public Speaking

Are you an expert at public speaking? Why keep those tips to yourself? Share it with some wit and help those people overcome the fear of public speaking. You can add in occasions when you failed and give them the whole story where they believe that people aren’t born with the confidence to speak publicly. It takes time and practice.

28. A Guide to Surviving High School

This is one of those story ideas that will surely be a seller. High school is universal, and teenagers go through major highs and lows in high school. They face similar challenges, from social pressure, anxiety, school/life balance, boundaries, and more. If you are someone who has also gone through these similar patterns, tell the current and future generations of teenagers to know how surviving high school is possible. You can cover several topics, from relationships with friends and teachers to how students can increase their emotional intelligence during this phase in their lives.

29. Fitness and Health

You can create a more interesting way of writing your fitness story. You can target it to people who think it is impossible to achieve, but it is possible. Add several topics, such as how to discipline yourself, eat better, and what to avoid for specific individuals and life challenges. The ideas for books like these are endless. You can add 30-day challenges and summary or authorized research findings.

30. Makeup Artistry/Cosplay

Here is one of those book ideas that calls all the makeup artists and cosplayers on board. If you are an experienced makeup artist or want to write a book about vintage makeup and how they did it back then, that would be cool. For cosplayers, you can add helpful tips for DIY-ing cosplay costumes. Look into the details and so on.

31. Finding Your Passion and Purpose

Many individuals feel lost and want to find a hobby or feel that they’re good at something. You can write a book that can help individuals discover themselves through difficult times. It can be difficult for people to discover a passion. That is where you can use expert tips and guide them into taking it slow and then eventually take that hobby up a bigger one.

32. A Guide on Photography

Are those days gone when you would do photography? Don’t let it end there. You can share your expertise with photographers in the making. Teach them what cameras to use, how to set them up, the basics of capturing shots, and how to edit those shots to make them more realistic and lifelike.

33. Rules for Dating

This is one of those tricky book ideas to write about, but it is not impossible to share dating tips, right? Some people have useful and effective tips on finding the right significant other and figuring out your compatibility with them. You can put in gift ideas, date ideas, and little DIY projects to help you have a good time.

34. Gardening for Beginners

Gardening has become more popular in recent years as more people want to grow their own food, connect with nature, and enhance their outdoor spaces. Anyone, regardless of age or experience, can enjoy gardening. Your book can appeal to those who have never planted a seed before. Many people feel overwhelmed by gardening and need help figuring out how or where to begin or how to care for plants. Your book can simplify the process into manageable steps, making it accessible for beginners.

35. Overcoming Fear and Anxiety

This is one of those book ideas that targets people of all ages. If you have mastered the art of reducing or taming your fears and anxiety, then share those tips to help those suffering from these symptoms. Although these are part and parcel of life, you can add real-life events where you have to practice these tricks instantly and overcome your anxiety.

36. Inspirational Gift Book

Gift book ideas will never be enough. People are always in search of new and creative ways of making their own gifts for the people they love. There is just something special about making your own gift. You can also add ways to gift people things when you are on a tight budget. Your gift book can include many things, from what kind of gift to give to what age level of individuals to sustainable gift giving.

37. Religious Memoir

Your memoir can be based on personal events or circumstances relevant to this kind of book idea. You can tell your audience about the transformations that led you to your current religious beliefs and what guided you toward that path. Add in the struggles and how you felt after achieving your religious goals.

38. Books About Pets

Here, you can write about a specific breed of pet or pets in general. You can write about how people can groom them and how to feed your pet properly. A children’s guide to taking care of a pet, you can also add how to start off by trying to take off an egg. This will help the child learn about carefulness and responsibility. You can even add a section or create a completely different book about what kind of poet would match your personality. These are interesting book ideas that people would certainly love to read.

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39. Cozy Mystery

Mystery novel ideas are never going to die. People always crave new mystery novels with unexpected twists. If you are interested in this kind of genre, why not write a novel about one? To make it more cozy, you can add features where the incident occurred during winter and in the Victorian era when technology was limited, and from there, you can trail away with interesting thoughts.

40. Sci-Fi Adventure

Do you often see yourself creating twisted scenarios about aliens and whatnot? This is one of those book ideas that you can write about. Alien, sci-fi, and futuristic novels have always retained their audience. You can always come up with more twisted and unique alien ideas for your novel. Give it a try.

41. Dystopian Thriller

Is the world about to end? Are certain resources scarce? Are people scattered here and there and wondering what to do now? Dystopian thrillers are a classic way to keep individuals interested. Dystopian settings often involve oppressive regimes, dangerous environments, and desperate characters fighting for survival, creating a thrilling atmosphere that keeps readers on the edge of their seats.

42. Psychological Thriller

Psychological Thrillers are book ideas for when you want to create high stakes and extreme suspense for your readers. Here, you can explore the darkest corners of the human mind, with extreme twists and things that the average human cannot expect. Yes, this kind of novel idea can even be creepy, but readers love it. These book ideas focus on the character’s sanity levels and ability to survive. If you watch a lot of movies and read many books in this genre, you can certainly come up with more twisted concepts.

43. Collection of Children’s Bedtime Stories

Think outside the box and create more imaginative stories for kids. For example, you can make up your own version of Goldie Locks and the Three Bears. Or come up with new stories altogether. Kids’ bedtime stories can be as creative as possible. You can make your bedtime stories witty, where adults can have a good time reading the book as well.

44. The Secret Lives of Everyday Objects

Here is one of those story ideas that you can make completely random, really. But it’s pretty random! Have you ever wondered where the other pair of socks went? Create a story about it. Why do you lose your glasses? They start walking elsewhere deliberately so you do not find them, and guess what? The jokes are on you because you cannot see. You can come up with funny situations of objects that get lost regularly. And these are daily objects that people tend to forget about. Why not create a story about them?

45. How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse

We know that time could come sooner or later, right? If you have creative skills that can help people survive a zombie apocalypse, go right ahead and publish a book about one. You never know when this book might come in handy. YOu might think it is a complete waste of time. It may seem that way. But there are people out there who find joy in reading book ideas like these. You can also add a section about how to escape certain kinds of zombies, like the fast or slow ones or the ones that can’t see and have hypersensitive hearing. I think you get the point.

46. Dream Interpretation

Are you a professional in interpreting dreams or often seeing dreams that make no sense? You should consider writing a book about it. This is one of those topics to write books about where you can help people understand their dreams better and why they have such dreams. You can include separate sections about the types of dreams and signs that people could see. Or if you can just compile a book about all the dreams you have seen in your life. The ones that you remember the most. People would love to read them.

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47. Perspective of Your Pet

Do you want to share theories about your pets? What are they thinking, what is their approach, and why did they choose such an approach? Well, you can create a fun, light-hearted story about your pet’s perspective in life and the decisions the little fur ball makes (If they have a brain, that is).

48. Conspiracy Theories

Have you ever considered the Illuminati theories, the Bermuda Triangle, and other conspiracy theories? You can add to that. Why not? Or, you could compile the best theories that explain these conspiracies just for fun sake. If you think people will not read these kinds of story ideas, you are wrong. People take this seriously and enjoy reading these theories, making connections to other things, and more. Surely, this will be a fun read.

49. Murder Mystery

Murder mysteries never fail to captivate readers who love this genre. There are countless types of mysteries to explore and uncover. Your book could feature a whodunnit where the murderer isn’t revealed until the end of the story, or perhaps there could be an alibi involved. Adding high stakes and pressure to your book will keep your readers engaged. To make your story more interesting and witty, your protagonist detective can solve mysteries with dark humor, making the novel more enjoyable.

50. Witches and Wizards

You could create a whole story about witches and wizards or tell where they originated from and why they did what they did. Basically, you can write anything from the history of warlocks and witches or a nice tale about them. It is one of those versatile story ideas that you can let your creativity take the lead. It is important to make sure that if you are writing about history, etc., you have to get your facts straight.

51. Birds

Book ideas about birds are always popular. You can create a book that covers the history and origin of birds, how they survive, and more. Birds are adored by bird watchers and researchers, so a pictorial book featuring their anatomy and the best places to watch them would be a great idea.

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52. History of Fashion

This is one of those creative book ideas to write that is versatile, with endless options. You can write about certain fashion industries, a documentary about one of your favorite brands, the bad side of the fashion industry, or cultural fashion and its importance. You really can write anything you like. Another creative topic is how fashion started in the first place. You can share your assumptions and opinions and search for actual facts. This would take a bit of research, but it will be worth it in the end.

53. The Art of Parenting

Parenting is tough, and if you are one, then you would know. This is one of those topics to write books about, where you share insights and tips on parenting. You can create sections where you discuss parenting for new parents and guide them through the journey. A specific topic that should be focused on is that when there are two parents, both parents should be active, and you can also guide single parents.

54. Alien Invasion

This is one of those extremely imaginative book ideas to write where you can let your creativity go wild. You can come up with concepts about how to survive an alien invasion and the kind of aliens there could be. Is there any plea for help? Will the aliens leave our planet sooner or later? Come up with theories and what-ifs to get your readers thinking about what could happen if something like this occurred.

55. Doodle Books

Let your inner child out with creative doodles, and you can publish them so people can color the doodles you made. These book ideas aren’t stories, but they are interesting and fun. You can turn them into a pictorial doodle story if you like. Each day, they color a doodle page as a challenge. There is no right or wrong in this kind of book idea.

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Ready to Start Writing?

Now that you have read a couple of ideas, these will help you get started with your next book project. The key is to have fun creating your book and to write a book that attracts the right audience. The more creative book ideas you have to think about, the better concepts you can develop for your book.

Do not feel let down if you are struggling to write your book. You can always hire an agency to help you. Book Creating has been helping several beginners and professional writers craft mesmerizing and attention-grabbing books with the most creative concepts. Our ghostwriters can help you start with creative book ideas and write about almost any genre.


What is a Good Idea for a Book?

Choosing a book idea depends on your interests and what topics fascinate you. Writing a book about something you are interested in results in a better book. Ask yourself questions, observe your surroundings, hear your thoughts, and let your imagination take the lead regarding book ideas since the mind is creative.

How to Write a Book with No Experience?

Many individuals want to write books but have no experience. They may have a creative plot but struggle to write it down. When this happens, you can hire professional ghostwriters to help you. Don’t feel let down, as the best authors you know do the same.

What are some Novel Ideas?

Great novel ideas that you can write can be about almost anything, but here you can view our list of a few book ideas:

  • Coming of Age
  • Books about Revenge and Justice
  • Murder Mystery
  • Witches and Wizards

How to get Story Ideas?

Think outside the box; if you struggle with that, observe more. Make observations of the tiny details and interpret them well. Ask yourself questions, brainstorm ideas you would normally not think of, and immediately jot them down. Stories can be of anything. If you travel a lot and cross paths with people who have experienced life, why not write something about them? That, too, is a story idea that you can write about.

How do you Write a Unique Book?

Unique books can be personal diary entries published or coming up with a story that does not make sense but does simultaneously. We encourage you to be confident in writing something different. Sometimes, being different and unique is noteworthy. The choice is yours and depends on how bold and creative you want to get with your story ideas. Some people may not like those stories, and that is okay; the best authors also receive a lot of criticism. But that is what makes you stand out as an author.