What is Book Creating and How Does it Work?

What is Book Creating and How Does it Work?

Have you been sitting on a fantastic idea for your ebook but feel overwhelmed by the process of turning it into a reality? We are here to tell you that you are not alone! We have encountered hundreds of clients who have unlocked new successes with our book creating services. We have seen many aspiring authors have amazing ideas but get stuck, which is totally okay! That is where we come to play.

Our unique book creating strategies have helped many authors and story writers gain the recognition they deserve. With our book creating services, the ideas are all yours; we just help phrase and lay all your ideas beautifully into a simple and elegant book! We have been helping authors achieve their goals for more than 10 years. Seeing their success feels like our own.

So, here, you will read all about our services, why we rock at them, and what you will gain by choosing our services as the best book creating services in the US!

We Go Beyond Just Writing

Our book creating services offer more than just writing your ebook and handing it over to you. We take each step very carefully, ensuring you gain long-term success with this creation. We offer comprehensive solutions that ensure your ebook thrives and people continue to enjoy it for the years ahead.

With our content creation, we help you brainstorm new ideas for your story concept. Our team knows what kinds of genres and books are trending, so we can guide you with the right story plot and more. With our efficient team, you will witness that your book has engaging content that effectively conveys your story message and plot.

What’s better is that our book creating services provide the best proofreading and editing strategies. We don’t proofread your book only once. Our team carefully scans each sentence of your ebook, checking for grammatical errors and whether the reading is smooth. This will ensure that your ebook will leave a lasting impression on your audience.

SEO And Book Creating

Even the most brilliant ebooks can get lost on the web. That is where we step in. We make sure that your ebook is discoverable and that your readers will keep reading your story! SEO for ebooks is important because millions of people search for ebooks online every day. We help increase your chances of appearing at the top of the SERPs (Search Engine Results Page) when people explore topics related to your books. This will put your ebook directly in front of your target audience, who are actually looking for a book plot that your ebook offers!

Our book creating services have helped many authors increase their sales with our efficient SEO services. Our goal is to get readers to buy your ebook and achieve this. We implement effective SEO and keywords that will attract qualified leads and convert them into sales. With our book creating services, your ebook will rank high in the SERPs and gain valuable customers. With a high-ranking ebook, your readers will trust and establish you as a professional in your field, making readers more likely to choose your ebook!

We apply SEO to your ebook, whether script writing, narrative writing, novel writing, wiki writing, children’s books, or speech writing. For example, say you have a big TedTalk and need to add the right words to your speech so that when people search online, your TedTalk can show up on the SERPs. This will make people want to click and learn about it.

With our book creating services, SEO is an ongoing strategy that we apply to all writeups. Even if they are a children’s book, it is important! Say you are an author of children’s books, and you want a creative and unique style for your ebook. Our team does all the market research for books that resemble your plot, and we check out your competitors, ensuring that your book is innovative and, many times better!

We Enhance Your eBook With Mesmerising Design

We have a diverse book creating team that specializes in attention-grabbing ebook designs that resonate with your book’s plot and overall aesthetic. Our team will design a stunning and captivating ebook cover with a professional layout that further enhances your ebook!

With proper formatting, your ebook will give your readers a seamless experience across all platforms and all devices. Whether they choose to read your ebook on Kindle, Kobo, or Apple Books, the layout will be as stunning as it would be in real life.

Our team of book creating graphic designers knows the art of color theory and visual graphics. No matter what genre your ebook is from, fiction, action, fantasy, sci-fi, and horror, our team knows how to encapsulate the whole plot into a stunning book cover for your ebook. From vampires to detectives, our team of creative writers is ready to start writing story plots that will keep your readers engaged and wish to have second parts to your ebook!

More About Our Book Creating Services

We offer ghostwriting services like none other! Our professional team knows how to write books in the same voice that you do. We are packed with skills that you cannot even imagine! We make your ebook look like you never hired a ghostwriter for it in the first place.

Our book creating services include story writing of all sorts. Or, say you want to start a music business, and we also offer songwriting for our clients. All the best singers are higher songwriters to help them stay on track and achieve the lyrics trending today. Alongside this, we offer rhyme writing in our book creating services to help you connect with our readers through the power of rhyme and poetry. Remember, ten brains are better than one or two even. Our professional book creating team has your back day in and out!

With our book creating services, you can create a special book in memory of someone who means the world to you. As one goes through life, one tends to pick up several lessons. Your life experiences can help someone deal with similar issues they may face in their life. But if you are hesitant to start a memoir ebook, our book creating services can make this process for you much easier. We personally suggest hiring professional book creating services for your memoir because the tone, voice, words, and criteria may be slightly difficult to connect in your ebook. Thanks to our efficient book creating team, you will have a seamless experience with a memoir ebook!

Have a better look at what we have to offer!

Ghost Writing

We have already mentioned how several famous authors hire ghostwriters to give them an extra hand. Our ghostwriting services include the following:

Our professional team of ghostwriters has expert experience in different genres. We take your ideas and shape them into a polished and engaging narrative that sticks to your story plot and transforms it into success! With our team that has your back and your book, we take every hour seriously. Why work alone when you can hire our book creating team to help alleviate this burden off your shoulders?

Fiction Writing

With our fiction writing services, your book will possess the most magical content you could ever imagine. We craft strong story backgrounds for your fiction novel and ensure a well-developed, strong plot and engaging narrative for your readers. Here is what sour fiction writing services have to offer:

Also, apart from these listed, we are open to more fictional plots. These are just a few popular fiction writings we have mastered!

Book Editing Services

Editing is one of the most crucial steps when it comes to finalizing and publishing your ebook. Our team of skilful editors scans out any mistakes or leftover details for your book. This is what else we include:

We do not let any error carry on to the next step. We ensure you will be left with a flawless ebook with zero errors and a perfectly formed plot.

Book Translation

We don’t want your book hidden from the rest of the world. We offer book translation services so that people fluent in other languages can read your book with ease. Choose from:

Book Marketing

Once your book is ready to be viewed by thousands, you need to market it strategically. That is where our Book-Creating services come in handy. In this, we offer:

Printing Services

To simplify the entire process, our Book Creating services include printing services, allowing you to receive a printable file that allows you to publish your book smoothly.

Author Website Design

Either way, owning a website will do no harm, but without one, you will certainly be missing out on potential and more. With our Book Creating services, we also offer author website design services which allow you as an author to own a completely optimized website. In today’s digital age, it is more of a necessity for you to attract and reach out to a wider target audience. You can directly connect with your audience through an author’s website design. It represents professionalism and shows that you care.

Additionally, with a website, you can showcase your books and successful journey, bringing your audience closer to you and getting to know you better. This will ultimately increase your credibility and legitimacy in the eyes of readers, publishers, and other agents.

Book Audio

Audiobooks have become huge hits in recent years. If you wish to convert your magnificent book into an audio version, our Book Creating services can do that for you, too. Audiobooks are a great way to make your book accessible to those who have difficulty reading or simply enjoy audiobooks!

How Does Book Creating Work?

Our book creating services are a one-of-a-kind experience that you can gain. Since book writing can be tough for some people, we aim to make it a walk in the park for our clients. We take everything step-by-step and are completely organized without our book creating services. It can get tricky for our clients to handle it all at once, which is why we have a dedicated team of creators for every step of our book creating process, which is why we have an all-hands-on-deck protocol for our services.

Personal Consultation

We begin with a personal consultation. We get to know about our clients and what they are looking for in their ebooks, regardless of their genre. In this process, we schedule a call with our clients. It does not matter how long it will take. We have to understand our clients fully and what helps them envision an ebook so they can have a sense of direction in that scheduled call. We dedicate that time to you and you only. We make sure that your ebook plot is true to your idea. We just help create a sense of direction and feel for the entire structure of the book. At the end of the day, our clients are the ones to give us the thumbs up, and then we go ahead with the rest of the book creating process.

Structure & Concept

Next, we look into the concept of structure of your ebook. We carefully craft several drafts regarding your ebook and the plot. Our proficient team of book creating writers helps each other brainstorm and develop concepts and ideas that resonate with the genre and aesthetic of your book. With this strategic planning, we can stay in one direction and learn what your readers will look for in your ebook. Do not worry; this is a draft, and several team members further revise the drafts we create, so we all give our input and keep improving the draft until it is finalized and then sent for further polishing. Our book creating services are known for optimizing ebook content with target keywords, so when people search for similar genres or plots, your ebook will show up in the list of recommendations that search engines list.

Brainstorming & Composing Services

After finalizing your draft, brainstorming, and composing your ebook, we will send it for proofreading and editing. We have a dedicated team of experts in this field who scan through any grammatical, spelling, tense fixes, and more in your ebook. We do not let any mistake go unnoticed. Our team filters out every nook and cranny of your ebook to ensure we deliver the best quality ebook that stays on track with your plot and keeps your readers engaged. We understand that it can be tough for authors and writers to keep up with all these factors, so keeping this in mind, we have separate teams that go through your ebook and make sure that it is spotless from any errors, big or small.

Formatting Services

Then, we look at the formatting and design for your ebook. We note what kind of cover our clients want for their book and further enhance that to polish it or provide more ideas for what will look good for that particular book. Now, we don’t just focus on the exterior but also look at the interior formatting, page number placement, subheading placement, and how each paragraph should be divided. We can also do that for you, depending on the color page you want for your ebook. Not every ebook has to be plain white or cream in color; you can expand your creativity and start new trends!

Marketing & Publishing Services

Here comes the more fun part of our book creating services: publishing and marketing. We have several publishing options, from printable book files to book trailers, amazon book publishing, audiobooks, and author website design. As an author, you should own a website telling your readers about you and what inspires you to write such creative and spectacular books. In this, we strategically use SEO-optimized content on your website and in your ebook to ensure that you land high on the SERPs and readers interested in similar kinds of books land on yours, increasing your conversion rates. Our book creating services have a creative marketing team dedicated to marketing your book to the right audience.

Customisation & Final Touches

Lastly, there is customization. Each client receives a unique and innovative book and write-up, and none resembles the others. We ensure that each client receives a unique book true to their storyline and plot. We do not support repetitive content and wish to offer our clients something different every time. From your book cover design to the last page, your ebook will be true to you.

If you worry about the prices, visit our Book Creating website and see how affordable our offers are! It can’t get any better, starting from just $650 for a 50-page book, $1300 for 100 pages, and $1950 for 150 pages. We are known to be the most affordable book creating service in the US. But do not let our prices deceive you into thinking that the quality of your book or ebook will be compromised. We understand the financial constraints many aspiring authors face, which is why our book creating services are affordable to give you exceptional results without breaking the bank.

Types of Book Writing and Publishing We Handle

With over 10 years of experience in the book creating industry, our interest in different and unique genres has increased, and we wish to help our clients get the most out of them. We offer the following genres that we have worked for in the past:

  • Fiction
  • Action
  • Fantasy
  • Sci-fi
  • Horror

These are just a few genres we have mastered, but we are open to other ideas and genres you want in your ebook.

We also offer book translation services. Don’t let your books be limited to English. With authentic and easy translation, readers all over the world can access and read your book with ease.

When it comes to publishing, there are several kinds for you to choose from. It all depends on your preferences! Whether you wish to gain an audiobook and an ebook, printable book files, or more, you can tell us, and we will do that for you! Of course, we will help you decide what will go best with your book.

Ready to Work with Our Book Creating Services?

We have worked with several clients to know that writing a book can be tough. That is when professional and unbiased help comes in. We see your book through a different lens and judge it thoroughly to ensure that your book makes a breakthrough for you and is successful. Our book creating services have proved time and again that regardless of your genre, book formatting, or type of write-up you want, we can help you achieve it all with our professional help!

Our affordable book creating services have a proven record of making clients happy. Our testimonials can show you the truth! With book-creating, your book writing and formatting experience will be a snap, and you can gain a seamless experience with us! Contact us today, and let’s start discussing what you are looking for in your ebook and how we can improve it for you. We promise to make it simple.